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Leelasagar Gurukul


At LeelaSagar Gurukul we aim to influence modern education by bringing in elements of the Montessori pedagogy and the gurukul ideologies that has stood the test of time for over 100 years. At LSG our contribution to the world is about sharing two decades of our practical teaching experience to help create new humans and prepare them for the current real-life situations and skills. “After all in the 21st century, an A grade degree will not always mean success in life”.

Playing with Wooden Alphabets
Online Class
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Our Products


Our products are curated by our CEO Seeta Sagar Balani herself inspired by the principles of the Montessori Method. With attention to detail and specific needs for teachers, parents and children, Leelasagar products are more compact and lightweight as compared to similar products in the market today.  

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Online Training 

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Our Programs

Leelasagar Gurukul offers programs for individual teachers, teachers working in educational institutions and parents who are looking for home schooling materials and concepts. We also offer an authentic Montessori in-person classroom for children of Generation Alpha.

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