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The Alphabet Kit

The Alphabet Kit

Large Movable Alphabet kit contains the following:

-A tray with printed letters.(Control Of Error).

-Based on the Montessori Method Vowels are blue and placed on the top of the tray.The consonants are pink and randomly placed in compartments.

-2 sets of wooden alphabet cutouts

-1 coloured set and 1 set for the child to colour)

-1 felt mat

-1 plastic mat (for painting)

-2 bottles of paint

-1 brush



-To help the child transition from letter sounds to word building and finally reading.

-Helps the child form muscular impression of the letter shapes and associate the letters with their sound.

-The child will learn abstract concepts of letters and letters sounds through hands on manipulation of concrete materials.

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Sandpaper Number Kit

The Sandpaper Number Kit

The sandpaper number kit contains the following:

-0 to 10 Sandpaper numbers mounted on a wood finish base.

-1 set of  reusable laminated cards from 1 to 10 curated based on the Montessori principles .

-We have specially designed cards for left handed children and right handed children.

-Cutouts of pictures  for the  child to match on the cards ( velcro.)

-1 felt mat

-1 marker with eraser



-The child is encouraged to trace and form a kinaesthetic memory of the letters

-The child is encouraged  to trace and learn the way the numbers are written

-The child will explore the quantities and associate the quantities to the written symbols.

-The child will be encouraged to write the numbers on the re writable paper.

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Seguin Teen Board

Seguin Teen Board 

Seguin teen board (22cm by 7 cmm) contains the following:

-1 felt mat

-1 set of beads ( 1 to 9)

-10 ten bead bars


-To encourage the child to associate quantities and symbols from 11 to 19

-To help the child learn to count from 11 to 19

-To teach the child the written symbols from 11 to 19

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