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Leelasagar Gurukul International
Learning Beyond Books



Our first step is to work with teachers and parents to create a positive impact on those being nurtured by them. Teachers and parents will not only learn how to make their lessons engaging, but also learn how to create teaching structures that would be based on the ideologies of how to think. After all, as educators, we all share the same vision to create confident and responsible adults for sustainable futures for each individual world.

Along with teachers training, we would want to work on offering a pure Montessori experience to children by conducting after school classes in a Montessori setting, where we want to encourage children to take their learning into their own hands and explore abstract concepts learnt in school through manipulation of the Montessori materials.

“We can find answers to everything in books or on google today, but It’s the practical experience which creates a shift within the consciousness that makes you good at what you do !”- Seeta Sagar Balani. Here we are talking about young generations with sharp minds who must be nurtured with love and respect. As educators, together as a team, we must share our findings to create a brighter future for the new generations.

WHY is LSG different?

LSG is not just a business, it's a mission sprouting straight from the heart! We take pride in our course content as everything has been curated by Ms Sagar while paying close attention to detail and the immediate need of every generation. Her philosophy of life reflects directly into her course structures, that clearly states “I hope that everyone on the same journey as mine, can recreate their own version of Montessori education, as each individuals journey and experiences are different and in their own heads, waiting to be articulated into physical existence”. Hence our courses are created gradually as per the need of the hour for generation Alpha and at the same time Centennials, Millennials and Gen x as per the teachers and parents.

Over her 20 years as a trainer, Ms Sagar has formed personal relationships through one on one dialogues and support with her students, parents and trainees. “I am not only a business person, I am a mentor first and that’s what I am good at !” All who have come in touch with her over the past 20 years would vouch for the same.

Image by Ben White
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