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Montessori Hour by LSG

“The Hands are the Instruments of Man’s Intelligence”-Maria Montessori

Our Montessori Hour classroom is very elegantly designed, based on the colour theory with soft pastel colours, in return enhancing the overall experience for the child. The array of shelves is all neatly stacked with colourful Montessori materials which are very attractive, pleasing and are also in sync with their sensitive periods for order. We aim at proving children with an authentic Montessori experience outside of their school routine.

Our classrooms have an overall holistic approach; we would be working in small bubbles where each child will be given individual attention and opportunities for socializing freely in a controlled environment. This will not only help in the development of the child’s personality but also inculcates self-confidence which helps in building the child’s self-worth.

Here each child will be treated with respect and have the freedom to make independent decisions and plan their course of development and materials they choose to work with. This pure Montessori experience will foster high self-esteem and build a sense of responsibility which in turn will develop self-disciple and obedience.

What makes Montessori Hour distinctive?

“We do not have pre-determined criteria for your child to have achieved by a certain age, we would follow the child and offer a curriculum designed for the child's individual needs. Eventually, a child being educated will learn to read and write at their own pace. At Montessori Hour we encourage them to take their own time and follow their natural path”.

As David Elkind in his book the hurried child address the Hurried child syndrome that child in today's day and age experience. These stem from rigid plans and expectations set by the teachers or parents which are not in sync with the child's natural rhythm.

  • In a prepared environment, your child will be offered the freedom to choose and repeat activities which in turn will develop your child's concentration and love to learn.

  • The children will be encouraged to get into a group activity called the ‘Circle Time’ whereby they will interact with other children of their age group and learn concepts through songs, stories, and group discussions.

  • All children will be provided with personalized kits according to their individual needs and interests to facilitate learning through self-discovery and hands-on manipulation of concrete materials to strengthen their learning from the grass-root level.

  • The classroom is a prepared environment carefully designed keeping the Montessori philosophy and needs of the children in mind.



"One study found that students in Montessori preschools outperformed students in traditional preschools in math and literacy. Another study found that students who attended Montessori preschools and elementary schools got higher scores on standardized math, literacy and science tests in high school."

The Montessori Method has stood the test of time for more than 100 years. Hands-on manipulation of abstract concepts is the key to success and helps the child form a strong understanding in turn a stronger base for future learnings.

Montessori materials are scientifically designed based on principles of order, sequencing, control of error, simple to complex concrete to abstract.

Montessori Hour pre-school classes are aimed at blending Tradition Learning with the Montessori method to facilitate a child's learning of Mathematics and Literacy. Your child will be encouraged to work with Montessori Materials and get clarity on abstract concepts learned in school. We will offer a calm and orderly environment which is every child's innate need to foster concentration and self-discipline. We do not set age-appropriate criteria and restrict children’s learning. We respect that each child will work at their own pace, hence we move at the child’s pace and offer a variety of variations and extensions to help them reinforce and internalize these concepts.

At this age, The Montessori Philosophy works in sync with a child’s innate need for freedom. During our Montessori work cycle, children will experience the freedom of choice-repetition-movement- socialization. Freedom will foster independence and in turn self-discipline.

At Montessori Hour your child will get individualized Montessori Kits to work on in class and take home, so they can practice abstract concepts learned in school through concrete manipulation of the Montessori Way!

We believe in Maria Montessori’s theory “Follow the child”, which beliefs in the child’s ability to reach his potential on his own if given the freedom and the environment in which to develop naturally.


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