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Teachers’ Training Courses

"Every child is an individual and has their natural rhythm and style of learning. So my question is how can one style of teaching fit all?"- Seeta Sagar Balani

LSG has personally designed various courses to help Early Childhood educators and parents to understand the Montessori Principles of “Follow the child” and how to incorporate this in a prepared environment based on her personal experiences. These courses offer in-depth knowledge of the Montessori Philosophy and The Montessori Method.

The Montessori Philosophy is the core of a Montessori classroom, children have the freedom to choose their path towards learning by interacting with their immediate environment. The teacher here is more of an observer and carefully influences the Child's learning through subtle changes in the environment as per individual needs and interests, where she uses her observations to offer the perfect environment based on a child's natural rhythm and interests.

For the Montessori Magic to unfold in a classroom, the teacher must be prepared and have a clear understanding of the Montessori Pedagogy. Through our courses, each teacher or parent will understand how to facilitate the Montessori philosophy in their teaching methods, and how the Montessori equipment helps the child to learn abstract concepts through hands-on manipulation of concrete materials.

Our courses help the teachers and parents to be in sync with the child’s learning and scaffold their learning process.

Why LSG’s Teachers’ Training?

“I hope that everyone on the same journey as mine, can recreate their version of Montessori education, as each individuals journey and experiences are different and in their heads, waiting to be articulated into physical existence”- Seeta Sagar Balani

  • In-Person Training

For in-person classroom training, we offer a classroom setup where teachers will train in a classroom setting. Teachers will get opportunities to explore various aspects of classroom experience from preparing a physical environment to the spiritual vibe of the prepared environment.

  • Online Training

The biggest challenge faced by LSG due to Covid-19 as a Montessori training institute is to be able to offer hands-on experience of the Montessori materials. To overcome the same we are providing curative kits so that the teachers can work with the Montessori equipment (especially in Math and Literacy) during the online training sessions.

Course Titles

  • What Makes A Curriculum Highly Effective

  • Effective Communication, The Montessori way

  • Preparing A Child's Hand For Writing-The Montessori Way

  • Self Discipline and Obedience- The Montessori Way

  • Understanding the Principles of the Montessori philosophy and Montessori Method

  • Freedom within Limits” - The Montessori Way

  • Literacy The Montessori Way

  • Introducing Mathematics in Early Childhood

Course Details:

  • What Makes A Curriculum Highly Effective

A curriculum is one of the most important elements of any school. Personally, in my opinion, it plays an important role in not only what children learn but also how. As Early Childhood Educators, we must be mindful of several factors that will directly or indirectly impact a child's learning. Through this workshop, we aim at providing an understanding of certain elements which play a key role in not only curriculum planning but also how it is implemented.

We will look into the following:

• Key characteristics of a curriculum

• Theories we must follow while planning our curriculum and lessons.

• How we use the funnel system, transition from the yearly plan to the lesson plan

• Observation is the key to success for any curriculum. We touch upon some easy strategies and methods for teachers to observe effectively.

• We will review some yearly plans, spider charts and lesson plans to get an in-depth understanding of the planning phase.

Effective Communication, The Montessori way

I have trained many teachers who were very good academically however were not successful to carry on the same course practically around children.

The key difference between a teacher and a popular teacher is her Communication style.

What will you take away?

• We have to understand what is meant by effective communication.

• Why effective Communication has to be responsive in an Early childhood education set-up

• Some practical Communication techniques with pre-schoolers

• How to help children to communicate effectively.

• Will share my experiences and takeaway after 20 years working in an international and Multicultural setup .

• We touch on a few language developmental norms to understand Communication from the child's perspective.

• We will look into some scenarios we face as teachers in our classroom and discuss ways to maintain calm and communicate effectively

Preparing A Child's Hand For Writing-The Montessori Way

Let's understand how the Montessori method prepares a child's hand for writing.

Learning Objectives -

• A Brief on The Montessori Method

• Understanding the physical developmental factors that impact a child's ability to write.

• Age-appropriate grasps.

• Discussion on elements that cause difficulties in writing.

• Practical activities which develop a child's hand for writing.

• Sequence in which writing should be introduced.

• Analyse worksheets using the Montessori principles.

• Recipe and video to make playdough and coloured rice/ pasta.

• Presentations using videos for better understanding.

All participants will receive free printable worksheets which have been specially curated based on the Montessori principles of isolation, control of error, and transition from easy to complex.

Self Discipline and Obedience- The Montessori Way

It's easy to say "My children don't listen to me".Take a moment to reflect...Are you, as an Educator or parent supporting the child's instinctive need to develop Self- discipline, and Obedience?

As early childhood Educators and Parents, we must understand the difference between imposed discipline and obedience.

To enable children to achieve self-discipline and joyful obedience, we must change our attitude.

We must understand how children develop obedience and prepare our environment to support a child's learning of true discipline.

I will share my experiences and takeaway after 20 years working in an international and Multicultural setup. We will encourage participants to share the challenges they face and offer practical strategies to guide them.

Understanding the Principles of the Montessori philosophy and Montessori Method

Montessori pedagogy consists of the Montessori Philosophy and the Montessori Method. Montessori Philosophy runs through the classroom while the teacher prepares an environment using Montessori materials which are in sync with the Montessori Method. Through this course, the teachers will learn the beautiful aspect of the Montessori philosophy and how it can be brought to use in a practical setting. The teachers should be able to understand the importance of following a child’s needs

We will touch upon Montessori terminologies-Montessori’s take on self-discipline and obedience- the prepared environment –the interplay between a teacher and the environment - the spiritual preparation to be a Montessori teacher - and many more of such Montessori Methodology.

Freedom within Limits” - The Montessori Way

A brief understanding of certain aspects of the Montessori philosophy (“absorbent mind”, “planes of development”, “Home” and “sensitive periods”) supports the need for Freedom in Early childhood.

What is freedom in Early Childhood?

• Discuss how we can prepare the environment to support the child’s innate need for Freedom

• What is Freedom with limits?

Literacy The Montessori Way

Every child is an individual and has his/her natural rhythm and style of learning. ..So my question is how can one style of teaching fit all?

We follow the child and offer Montessori autodidact materials to help the child learn at their own pace.

We use the Montessori Method to introduce Literacy not only through concrete materials but also follow a sequence to ensure the child comprehend and grasp the key principles required to read and write.

Through this course, teachers and parents will understand the sequence in which literacy must be prepared in early childhood. Personalized Montessori Literacy Kits will be delivered at your doorstep, during an online training this will give you opportunities to explore and practice these materials. After the course, you would have prepared teacher-mad materials to work along with this kit to help the child transition from letter sounds to reading. The teacher will also learn the dos and don’ts of how to present the letter sounds through games-songs and stories.

Introducing Mathematics in Early Childhood

“Children display a universal love for mathematics and are born with a mind with mathematical abilities that can make evaluation, exactness, recognize similarity, contrast, and figures so that when everything is put together to make sense around it. Through this course, the teachers will be introduced to in-depth learning of The Montessori Mathematics equipment and how to present these to facilitate a child’s learning. Once you sign up for the course you will get a Montessori Mathematical Kit delivered at your doorstep….Offering an opportunity to work with the materials during your online class and get hands-on experience on how to present these materials.

You will also learn the objectives of these materials and the sequence mathematics must be introduced in Early Childhood.

With the help of these kits, teachers have a vast scope to work in International Montessori schools and also start their own set-up by using these kits.


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