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Seeta Sagar Balani


Ms. Seeta Sagar Balani, Founder of LeelaSagar Gurukul, has 20 years of teaching and training experience in Early Childhood. She is a certified Montessori Teachers Trainer from Montessori Centre International, London. Ms. Seeta has been a practical examiner appointed by MCI, London for the U.A.E. Her classroom experience with children from different nationalities and cultures has facilitated her to train teachers and conduct multiple professional workshops for reputed international schools. Apart from focusing on Early Childhood Montessori curriculum, she continues to personalise her lectures using her rich experience and knowledge. She has participated in conferences held by Montessori Centre International in London, to continuously enhance her own learning of the Montessori Pedagogy.

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Montessori teachers training from MCI London

Montessori Centre International (MCI) is one of the UK’s leading providers of Montessori training to meet the needs of the Early Years communities in the UK and around the world.

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